[23:22] == Jessika [webchat@34v4.h5ww.i718.ip] has joined #andtarmen
[23:22] <Jessika> yo
[23:22] <@Lossi_> Willkommen
[23:22] <Merskari> Hello dear Jessika
[23:23] <@Lossi_> This is one special night
[23:23] <+Merskari> make yourself comfortable
[23:23] <+numero> Jessika!
[23:23] <@Lossi_> Have the national beverage of #andtarmen
[23:24] <+numero> mead?
[23:24] <@Lossi_> Ok
[23:24] <+numero> this calls fora song! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2OWC5Hosv8
[23:25] <+Merskari> Jessika, I dont know if it has been coverd before, but where are you actually from?
[23:25] <+Jessika> toronto
[23:26] <+Jessika> ....or detroit
[23:26] <+Jessika> either
[23:26] <@Lossi_> maple leafs, motor city
[23:26] <+numero> one clone in each.
[23:26] <+numero> I'm the otter-man btw
[23:26] <@Lossi_> Those replicants...
[23:35] <Jessika> did i disconnect?
[23:35] <@Lossi_> Yup
[23:35] <+Merskari> yep, but now you are safely back
[23:35] <Jessika> damn
[23:35] <+Merskari> thank god
[23:35] <+numero> it happens in webchat...and I guess any irc
[23:35] <Jessika> i was about to win again
[23:36] <@Lossi_> I meant here, not the game
[23:36] <Jessika> what about wesnoth, prolly that too
[23:36] <@Lossi_> you're still visible
[23:36] <+numero> I'm not sure. Say something
[23:37] <+Merskari> what kind of music do you like, Jessika
[23:38] <+numero> What kind of weapons do you like?
[23:38] <+numero> What kind of men do you like?
[23:38] <+Merskari> what kind of PEOPLE do you like
[23:38] <+numero> What kind of women do you like?
[23:38] <+Merskari> I just got almost the same idea
[23:38] <+Merskari> what kind of animals do you like? Do you know what foxes say in the morning when they wake up
[23:39] <+Merskari> they are like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omDPaS_HaBM
[23:39] <Jessika> i like racoons
[23:44] <Jessika> and.... i gota head out in 15 min =P
[23:44] <+Merskari> Why!!
[23:44] <Jessika> library closes
[23:44] <Jessika> partly why im playing risky
[23:44] <+Merskari> oh, okay. you dont have a computer in home?
[23:44] <@Lossi_> You play wesnoth in a LIBRARY?
[23:45] <+Merskari> hey, one more question, how old are you Jessika?
[23:45] <@Lossi_> That's so hot!
[23:50] <@Lossi_> How do you feel about this many questions Jessika?
[23:50] <@Lossi_> Is the attention nice?
[23:50] <+numero> Forgive my team mates
[23:50] <+Merskari> what is your opinion about a bit drunken finns
[23:51] <+Merskari> who are gentlemen nevertheless
[23:51] <+numero> They haven't spoken with a female since they got shut inside the institution.
[23:51] <+Merskari> yeah, sorry
[23:52] <@Lossi_> happiest day of my life
[23:52] <+Merskari> what brought you to play wesnoth in first place
[23:53] <+Merskari> do you read books
[23:53] <Jessika> ya
[23:54] <+Merskari> that answer doesent cover all my questions, miss!
[23:55] <+numero> Maybe it doess
[23:56] <@Lossi_> I meant the day I got instituonalized by the way
[23:56] <@Lossi_> I just realized it might be taken two ways
[23:56] <+numero> I think she's busy reading oglaf
[23:57] <+Merskari> I hope all the questions didnt make you feel intimitated
[23:57] <+Merskari> I'm just a bit hyped up and try to be funny or something. I'm a bit drunken Merskari
[23:58] == Jessika [webchat@34v4.h5ww.i718.ip] has quit [Ping timeout]
[23:58] <+numero> kirjasto meni kiinni!
[23:59] <@Lossi_> niin meni
[23:59] <@Lossi_> Vartija tuli repimään rimpuilevan ja kirkuvan ja vastaan pyristelevän Jessikan pois
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