M.E. Newmann

Known aliases and sub-aliases

Losrandir, Albrand, Albion, Los, BirgerBrosa, Birger, Brosa, Aurandir, Losdorf, Matti Uusimies, Matthew E. Newman, M. Ericus Neumann, Eliot Hårding, -EB-Maz[BU], TL Maz, Kalkulatto

Distinctive trademarks:

Restrained theatrical behaviour

Notable hat fetish

Walks with a slight limp to the right - deformed right foot

Scar on right thumb

Perfect navel

Noble woodsman's features and appearance

Chipped upper front teeth with plastic additions


Swedish, Finnish, English, horrible French, unintelligible "rotwelsch"-German. Fennoswede accent

Hair colour Dirty blonde

Eye colour Sky blue

Complexion Nordic

Height Average

Build Robust scholar type

Known to consume

Poultry, wildfowl, a variety of fish, pizzas and kebabs, pork and potato, rye and light bread, milk, a variety of beer and wine, vodka, whisky, any liquor known to man save tequila, cafe Cortado, small cigars; cigarillos and up to half-Coronas

Areas of expertize

Comparative literature; dystopies, short stories etc., auteur and authorship, poetry, ethnology, anthropology, ancient history and mythology, information science, fantasy realms connaisseur, getting "splattered" specialist

Current status Wanted alive and highly dangerous: great man of the future: sexiest man alive: unpredictable, unfathomable