“Great and terrible was the year of Our Lord 1918, of the Revolution the second” Mikhail Bulgakov wrote about wintery Kyiv nearly a century ago. You read and wonder – it’s as if he’s write about us, about today, about the “great and terrible” 2015.

For the second year in a row, our beloved peaceful Ukraine is living in war. We didn’t touch anyone! We simply wanted to live justly in our own home. But the enemy came to our sacred land, and now every day we are losing friends and loved ones. We cry, clench our fists and want to fight to defend our children. It has been a horrible year for Ukraine.

But at the same time it has been a great year for Ukraine! A new Ukraine is being built today. A nation that is truly free and independent! Through suffering, blood and guiding force an unbreakable Ukraine is being strengthened. “The family of the free,” as Taras Shevchenko wrote in his Zapovit.

With all my heart I wish you a Happy New Year!

I know it’s not easy. I know it’s painful. I know things aren’t how we wanted them to be. I don’t want to comfort you, because nobody needs empty words right now. I just want to thank you!

I want to thank you for being, for fighting, for walking this difficult road to our great goal!

Don’t fall! Don’t give up! Reach the end!

It will happen. I know. I believe.

We will overcome everything. I am certain of this. We will win the war, and fix situation at home. Because for every lying official there are thousands of volunteers, for every corrupt person there are tens of thousands of volunteer soldiers, for every dirty politician there are a million honest citizens! There can be no other result than victory. That’s how it must be, and that’s how it will be.

Please, stay strong and believe! We can never be defeated with faith and truth on our side!

Gather around your holiday table, hug each other, say kind words, greet your family and friends. And know that everything will be ok.

Happy New Year!

Glory to Ukraine!

Best Regards,

Yulia Tymoshenko