I, as a presidential candidate, together with the Batkivshchyna Party agree with Ukrainian society on the need to re-establish our state on the basis of a new social contract that guarantees rights and freedoms. We will be participants and partners with Ukrainian society in creating a new Constitution that allows for a balanced parliamentary form of government that society can control. This new social contract will become the basis of a strong state where every person can realize their potential and be protected.

The 1996 Constitution was not adopted by the people. The biggest flaw is that it became an agreement between oligarchs, that de facto cements the oligarch-clan consensus! Today local self-government is subordinate to the central government. That is why another goal that must be implemented in the new Constitution is the fundamental strengthening and real management of the processes of one’s life.

Unfortunately, Ukraine today is on the brink of self-destruction. Ukraine lags behind the technologically developed world and now has to take a big leap to bridge this gap. Countries that are effectively governed are successful. Ukrainians don’t believe that we as a people can change anything. Ukrainians must unite to make fundamentally changes, including in the system of government, and build a strong state. We have to build an ecosystem for life from the point of view of comprehensive solutions to all problems of human life.

If a patriotic and professional team comes to power with the kind of economic policies they have in Singapore, China and other countries that in a few years went from ruin to recovery and became strong economies, then we will have the strongest economy in the world. A new economic course will give us a step-by-step action plan.

Transformation of Ukraine - a New Course for Ukraine! Co-operation between Ukraine and the EU!

No Ukrainian can be calm until Crimea and Donbas are returned to Ukraine. Continue sanctions against Russia as the aggressor country to bring peace to Ukraine to return occupied Donbas and annexed Crimea to Ukraine. I know how and with whom to negotiate peace. Someone’s business projects making money on blood or the backroom deals being made today won’t get in my way!!

President Petro Poroshenko plans to use the escalation of the military conflict in East Ukraine to declare a state of war and thus block the president election to extend is term in office. Poroshenko plans to introduce a state of war in Ukraine and not hold elections at all. The military conflict in East Ukraine is gradually escalating, soldiers are being killed, the number of wounded is increasing. Poroshenko wants additional territories to be captured, for everything to burn, so that the war goes to a new level. I want people to know about Poroshenko’s plan, I want the president to hear this and stop. I want to warn Poroshenko: if he follows this path to starting a new military escalation to stay in power and not hold elections the whole world will know about this, every Ukrainian will know about this. End your desire for corrupt money and holding on to power at any cost, because nothing will help you stay a second term and continue to humiliate the country!

I want us to put our heart and soul into everything we do, because without this nothing makes sense! After a new social contract – new Constitution – is adopted through a referendum, the monopoly on power will be destroyed and people will have a real opportunity to govern the country. We will work with people directly – from heart to heart, because we have the same goal: to build a country where everyone can realize themselves. So that our children and parents have access to a good education and quality medical care. We have one goal: to build a country so that nobody can destroy it and to build the foundation for a happy life for all Ukrainians!

PS. Europe, I heard about Brexit and stuff. Ukraine is ready to butt in for you!

Luv XxXxX, your Tymo <3

PPS.  Слава Україні! Героям слава!

PPPS. Paavo Väyrynen, we will see who will be president first!