The Arabs loved the new toys. Bicycles they called devil-horses, the children of cars, which themselves were sons and daughters of trains. It gave us three generations of mechanical transport.


I would rather walk than ride for sparing of animals. Something hurtful to my pride, disagreeable, rose at the sight of these lower forms of life. Their existence struck a servile reflection upon our human kind: the style in which a God would look on us; and to make use of them, to lie under an avoidable obligation to them, seemed to me shameful. It was as with the negroes...

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At the moment I hated the beasts, for too much food made their breath stink; and they rumblingly belched up a new mouthful from their stomachs each time they had chewed and swallowed the last, till a green slaver flooded out between their loose lips over the side teeth, and dripped down their sagging chins. Lying angrily there, I threw a stone at the nearest...


Their treatment of every sickness was to burn holes in patient's body at some spot believed to be the complement of the part affected.

Strategiasta, toimintaperiaatteesta

The Turks were stupid; the Germans behind them dogmatical. They would believe that rebellion was absolute like war, and deal with it on the analogy of war. Analogy in human things was fudge, anyhow; and war upon rebellion was messy and slow, like eating soup with a knife.

A province would be won when we had taught the civilians in it to die for our ideal of freedom. The presence of the enemy was secondary.

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The Arabs nearly made shipwreck through this blindness of European advisers, who would not see that rebellion was not war: indeed, was more of the nature of peace - a national strike perhaps. The conjunction of Semites, an idea and an armed prophet held illimitable possibilities; in skilled hands, it would have been, not Damascus, but Constantinople which was reached in 1918. (!)


It was pretty to look at the neat, brown men in the sunlit sandy valley, with the turquoise pool of salt water...


Jedha; she was a splendid beast