"Christ is Risen! Ukraine too shall rise!

This year we are celebrating Easter in troubled times. Black ravens have attacked our land and want to cause pain and wounds! But I know and believe that we will cope with this disaster because we are the strongest! You have proven this once again. Just like our homeland, our native Ukraine, is the best in the world!

During Pope Francis's prayer for Ukraine this winter, two white doves were released to symbolize the hope for peace in our country. They were attacked by a seagull and large black crow, but our doves broke free and flew off into the sky. This is what will happen. Ukraine will break free and will build the society we all deserve!"


Maistakaa moskoviitit (myrkytetty) pashka.

Yulia Tymoshenko and her daughter Eugenia visited the Kyiv Nursing Home today to bring Easter greetings to the elderly and disabled. Tymoshenko was presented with an embroidered towel as a memory of her visit.


I have touched a saint I can walk I CAN WALK

Huhhuh. Retoriikkaa ei edelleen säästellä eikä lennokkaita sanoja hillitä! <3 Oppivatko siellä nyt sokeat näkemään, kuurot kuulemaan, mykät puhumaan ja rammat kävelemään? Siltä vaikuttaa. En löytänyt kuvaa siitä pyyhkeestä... palaan Turkuun tiistaina, Linux Ubuntu-aika on alkanut. Slava!